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The Sign of Asher I

The Sign of Asher, March 1994 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Willow Square, Grace Brethren Church, talking about the signs of the end of the Age. Andy SoRelle drilling for oil in Israel 1982 and 1983.

End Time Prophecies

And one of those signs is "The Sign of Apostasy". In that message I presented to you facts and figures to prove that the prophecy of Jesus is coming true. False christs are appearing on every hand and a false christ is being presented in most of the pulpits of America. Then I like to talk about the budding of the fig tree "The Sign of the Fig Tree". And I talk about the miracle that God has wrought (done) in preserving the Jews for these 2,500 years while they have been scattered over the face of the earth. In your lifetime and mine He has fulfilled some fantastic prophecies in bringing back these people, the descendants of Abraham, to their ancient land and establishing miraculously once again the ancient country of Israel spelled I-S-R-A-E-L just like Ezekiel said that it would be. We talk about the fact that Bible scholars agree that the fig tree refers to Israel. Now that Israel's back in the land it's a sure sign that the Lord is coming soon (Rev. 4: 1). Some of the people who are alive when that happens (the Jews/Israelites returning and establishing the ancient country of Israel) will still be alive when the Lord comes (Rev. 19: 11).

"This generation shall not all pass away until it's all over." (See Matt. 24: 34.).

I tried to tell you that it means you had better get ready for takeoff (to go up in the Rapture). We're going to heaven soon. Without setting a day, I'm telling you the end time signs have begun and Jesus is coming soon. The big question is, Are you ready?

The Prophecies Concerning Asher

Now we have another one altogether different probably from anything you have ever heard. I call it, "The Sign of Asher". And let me start by saying, "Some prophecies in the Bible cannot be understood until the time comes for their fulfillment." Now let me repeat that. "Some prophecies in the Bible cannot be understood until the time comes for their fulfillment."

Open your Bibles to the book of Deuteronomy. If you have trouble remembering numbers like I do just remember it's the second from the last chapter in the book of Deuteronomy. It happens to be number 33. Deuteronomy 33: Moses was speaking three thousand five hundred years ago. And he was giving a prophetic blessing to each of the twelve tribes.

So read verse 1,
"And this is the blessing, wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death."

We can understand that all right. Now go over to verse 16 in the middle of the verse.

"...let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph, and on the top of the head of him that was separated from his brethren."

What in the world was Moses taking about there? Now we go to verse 19.

"They shall call the people unto the mountain;..." (Deut. 33)

Wonder which mountain that was?

"...there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and treasures hid in the sand." (Deut. 33: 19)

"...they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and treasures hid in the sand."

What in the world did Moses mean by that? He said they're going to suck treasure out of the sea. What was he talking about? Going to suck treasure out of the sand. What was he talking about? Verse 24 has the big prophecy for this message.

"And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil." (Deut. 33)

The Rabbis Thought Moses Meant Olive Trees

We might guess what he's talking about, but the Rabbis missed it. Through the centuries the Rabbis who studied this said, "Moses was saying that Asher and his people were going to have a lot of olive trees" because olives trees were a real treasure; they were valuable. The olive trees produced olives and the people ate the olives. There was their grocery bill. They pressed the olives and got oil and drank it. That doesn't make you thirsty, but it makes you healthy. On one occasion my Arab guide said, "When the olives are ripe we go out to the orchard and we buy so many gallons of olives and so many gallons of olive oil. My children drink olive oil like your children drink orange juice." I don't get thirsty at all. I prefer orange juice. But I'm telling you there's a health factor there in that olive oil. Well, there was the doctor bill. They put olive oil in their lamps and they burned it like kerosene. That was their electric bill. Their lamps were an asset. To have your doctor bill, your grocery bill, your electric bill all in a tree in the backyard, isn't that amazing? And then God made those olive trees to grow. Well, some of you have been to Israel. You know the oldest tree you saw there was 3,000 years old. Not all of them get that old. Most of them get hundreds of years old. The oldest one in Israel is 4,000 years old, that is up in Galilee. Well, you can understand why the people thought if they had a grove of olive trees they were well off. And that's what the Rabbis thought for many years.

But I want to tell you the story of the Texas oilman and to him oil did not mean olive oil it meant petroleum. First, let me read some more verses.

Verse 24 continues,
"...let him dip his foot in oil."

That's the big prophecy. And then it says,
"Thy shoes shall be iron..."

Now what in the world did Moses mean by that? Asher's shoes. Now that's not in the ground that's on the surface.

"...shall be iron and brass..."

What in the world did Moses mean by that? Nobody could possibly understand that until modern times. I learned from Andy SoRelle, the Texas oilman, what that's all about and I'll share that with you in a moment.

"Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be." (Deut. 33: 25)

Verse 27,
"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He (God) shall thrust out the enemy from before thee (Israel)..."

There is an enemy coming into Israel. God is going to thrust them out. Read my manuscript called "The Battle of Gog and Magog III" and you'll learn who that enemy is and how God does indeed thrust them out with a vengeance. And Moses continued in his prophetic announcements.

"...He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee (Israel); and shall say, Destroy them."
"...then [Israel] shall dwell...[safely]...alone:" (See Deut. 33: 27 - 28.).

A Fighter Pilot in the War

Andy SoRelle, Texas oilman, was born to a wealthy oil family in the state of Texas. His own testimony is that he grew-up knowing nothing but oil. He graduated from a university with a degree in oil, and then the second world war came on and he found himself a fighter pilot in Europe.

Suicide Mission

And one night he was given what was expected to be a suicide mission. He was to take his squadron out into such a dense fog that the commanders thought no plane should be able to make it, but they had to take a chance. They knew there was a column of Germans with a lot of ammunition coming that way. And they wanted these planes to fly through the fog and try to find that column and destroy it. And Andy was given the order to take his squadron and go after them. Andy said, "We found them all right." They began to do their job. The Germans turned their anti-aircraft guns on them. Then Andy, with these other fellows, began to try to get out of there. Andy took his plane straight up into the fog. A shell hit his left wing.

Andy Lost Total Control of his Plane

He suddenly lost all control of the plane. Nothing he did would affect the flight. The plane turned to nose dive, started to spiral and he decided to bail out, but by that time the plane was spiraling so fast the centrifugal force kept him in the plane. He knew that going down at 300 miles an hour towards the ground in 3 seconds he would be dead. There was absolutely nothing in this world that could change that. Then Andy blacked out.

Andy's Plane Was Back at the Runway Where he Had Taken Off

And when he came to, his plane was back at the runway where he took off, coming down the runway to land. He said, "I didn't know there was a God up until then." But he knew now there was one. And that God had miraculously spared him. It must have been for a purpose, but he didn't know what. He came down. Remember he did not have one bit of control of the plane. He came down that runway at 150 miles an hour.

Field Full of Stumps

And then he said, "I suddenly realized I was going to get killed the second time." He couldn't stop so he had over shot the runway and out beyond the runway there was a forest, except that the engineers had cut off the tops of the trees and all that was left were stumps. He was going to go shooting into a field full of stumps at 150 miles an hour. He's sure now he's going to get killed the second time, he says. When he got close to the end of the runway, he saw there were no stumps. The engineers had been in that very day and removed the stumps. He went scooting out over a muddy field and the plane never tipped over. It stopped right in the middle of that mud. He said he sat there in deathly silence wondering if he were dead or alive. He knew he should be dead, but he thought he was still alive. And yet he couldn't believe that what happened really happened. He was sitting there wondering when the men from the base came running out. They looked over the plane and then congratulated him for being such a good pilot to bring the plane home in the condition that it was. Andy said, "I knew I had nothing to do with it." Andy said, "From then on I laughed at the Germans because I knew I was immune to their bullets." Now he was not saved, but he knew that God had performed a miracle and it was for a purpose. Andy knew that nobody could kill him at that point.

After the War Was Over Andy's Wife Hired a Maid

When the war was over he came home. One day his wife said, "I'm going out to hire a new maid today." When she came back she had a strange look on her face and Andy said, "What happened?" She said, "Well, I hired a maid, but something strange happened. When I hired the maid she looked at me and said, 'I knew you were going to hire me today, the Lord told me.' " Andy said, "Yea, that's strange." The maid came and she did a good job. One day Andy came into the kitchen and she was lying on the floor on her face crying and calling out, "God save Andy." He didn't like that. Now he knew he had to be saved, but he didn't like that. He told his wife to fire the maid. She didn't, and Andy was in due time to become very very thankful that she didn't. Later, on one occasion, she served Andy's breakfast as he was eating and reading the newspaper, hurrying through to get off to the office. That little maid sneaked up in back of Andy, put her hands firmly on his shoulders and began to squeeze and to shake as she cried out, "God save Andy." He didn't like that either, but he knew the maid was right. Then he said, "Something strange happened." He said, "She never told me not to smoke, but whenever I would light up in her presence I'd feel guilty. So I would always try to smoke when she didn't see it. She never told me not to drink, but I would begin to feel guilty and I'd sneak off somewhere to have a drink and she didn't see it." To make a long story short. Andy was saved through that little maid and Andy says now she'll have a home as long as she lives because he found the Savior through the witness and the life of that maid.

Andy and his Wife Wanted to Take a Trip

Andy said that he had not had a vacation for a long time, and always wanted to visit Russia. The opportunity came up to take a tour that included Russia. He said to his wife, "Let's take a vacation and go on this trip." So they did. Now, in connection with a number of other countries, Israel was included. Andy says, "I wasn't interested in Israel. I had seen pictures of some of the people who had been there and they were boring." I'm happy to tell you he didn't see my pictures. He said, "Nothing but barren hills and rocks and sheep and goats." He wasn't interested in Israel but it was part of the tour so we ended up in Israel.

Andy and his Wife at Israel

"When we got there," to quote Andy, "God put a hook in me for Israel." He said, "I began to watch these people working so hard reclaiming the wastelands and rebuilding cities like the prophet said. Planting citrus groves of all kinds. Planting the evergreen trees on the hills. Working so hard and being the most heavily taxed people in the world with well over 50% of their income taxed because they have to defend themselves and they have no oil."

Andy Volunteered to Drill For Oil

Now here's an oilman thinking. He wondered why the sons of Ishmael got all the oil and why Isaac didn't get any. He thought, surely there must be oil in Israel. That was his expertise. That's what he was good at. So he volunteered to the government of Israel to bring his equipment over and try to find oil.

Andy Went to Israel to Check For Oil the First Time

In due time that's what happened. He went all over Israel, up into the hills of upper Galilee, around the Sea of Galilee, went down across the country, and down into the Negev Desert to the Red Sea. No oil. He came home saying, "Israel has no oil."

Andy Drilled as Result of Scripture

And then a Christian friend said to him, "Did you ever see the prophecy in the book of Deuteronomy that says, 'Asher will dip his foot in oil?' " Andy said, "No!" Andy had not seen that (Deut. 33: 24). And like I said before, "When he heard that word oil, it didn't mean olive oil, it meant petroleum." And he got excited.

Andy Never Checked This Area

He quickly got a map that showed where the tribes were, (as to how the land of Canaan was divided among the twelve tribes of Israel), and he looked for the foot of Asher. The tribe of Asher was shaped more like a leg and it had a heel at Haifa and extended down along the Mediterranean coast to embrace the Plain of Sharon. If you have been to Israel and you came down from Haifa toward Tel Aviv you went right across the sandy Plain of Sharon. And Andy realized that in that Plain, of maybe 15 or 20 miles, he had not checked that area. He didn't check every square foot of Israel. He just went over the country and he had not made any check in the Plain of Sharon.

Andy Went Back to Israel to Check For Oil in That Area

So he hurried back to Israel taking his equipment. When he got there it was raining. He landed at the Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv. They told him it had been raining for days. The soil was soaked and his equipment didn't work when the ground was wet. But there he was with nothing to do, and rather than go and sit in the hotel and wait for things to dry out, just for fun he took his rented car and went up along the coast. He said, "The beginning of the Plain of Sharon was marked by a wadi called the River of the Crocodiles." He said, "When I crossed the River of the Crocodiles and used my equipment to start to check, immediately I struck a fantastic pool of oil." He telexed the message back to the office in Texas and they said, "You made a mistake, it cannot be, that equipment does not work when the ground is wet." If you have not already discovered it, you will know this message is full of miracles, and that's just one more. That equipment didn't work when the ground was wet, but it sure worked there. Andy said, Almost to the foot, when he hit the toe of Asher he knew that way down there was a tremendous reservoir of oil.

The Miracles in Raising the Money to Drill This Well

So he came home and began to make plans to raise the money to drill for oil. He said, "I couldn't call Exxon or Texaco, or any of the big companies because they were all in Saudi Arabia and they could not possibly show any interest in oil in Israel or they would lose all their assets in the Arab countries." That involved billions and billions of dollars worth of property. So none of the big oil companies could be interested. So he contacted three small oil companies. And each one said, "Yes, we're interested. We would like to help to finance that and have an interest in it." So, Andy waited for awhile. He didn't hear anything more from them and then he notified each one of them, "I have a deadline, I put up a hundred thousand dollars to the Israeli government to guarantee that I'm going to drill by a certain date. We must have a final word, commitment." And he told them what the deadline was, and said, "By that time I must hear from you definitely that you're going to commit yourself for so much money to go into the project. Time passed. We hadn't heard from them and the day came, the final deadline. That morning the telephone rang and the first of those oil companies was on the line and said to Andy, "Sorry, we can't do it." Little bit later the telephone rang the second time, the second oil company was on the line and said, "Sorry, we can't do it." A little later the telephone rang the third time and the third oil company said, "We're sorry, but we can't go along." And Andy's partner said, "Well, that's it. We have exhausted all possibilities. There's no way we can raise the money that we need. It's all got to be settled today. We might as well call the Israeli government and tell them we have to forfeit the $100,000. We cannot meet the deadline now." Andy said, "Wait a minute, not so fast. The Bible says, 'Where two agree, I will do it.' " (See Matthew 18: 19.). Andy said to his partner, "Now I'm going to pray. And I want you to agree with me, even if you don't believe what I'm doing. Agree with me." And then Andy prayed something like this. "Lord, this is Your project. This is Your oil. This is Your land. Now if You want us to drill, You supply the money because we can't do it. It's all up to You." Wasn't long after he finished praying that the telephone rang. The voice on the other end of the line said, "I know what you're trying to do. You don't know me, but I live in New Jersey and my name is Cohen." Priestly line, you know. He said, "How much money are you trying to raise?" Andy said, "Twelve million." Well he said, "I would like to take so much percentage of it and to bind the agreement I'll put the check in the mail today for a hundred and fifty thousand." And Andy was going to try to tell him. "Not so fast because I don't have the rest of it yet," but the man said, "No, now don't interrupt me, don't try to talk me out of it. I have been thinking about this for a long time. I want to get it off my chest. I want to get it done. I'll put the check in the mail to you." Then Andy comments, "Even the Gentiles don't do business like that." No contract. He's going to get a check for a hundred and fifty thousand to start it off. A little bit later the telephone rang again. The voice on the end of the line said, "I'm a real estate man here in Texas. I know what you're trying to do. How much money are you trying to raise?" He said, "Twelve million." He said, "Well I would like to take so much of a percent of that well. And I have some wealthy friends, could they get in on it too?" To make a long story short by the end of the day Andy had his twelve million and that miracle was complete.

Andy Made Plans to Drill For Oil

Then Andy told his lawyer in Israel to contact the proper authorities in the government and try to get permission for him to drill the first well on the secret naval base. Right on the shore of the Plain of Sharon there's a jutting piece of land out into the water with a very highly secret Israeli naval base. Andy said, "I don't know why, but I just feel the Lord's leading me to drill this first well on that secret naval base." The lawyer laughed. At that time Begin was Prime Minister. The lawyer said, "Even Prime Minister Begin can't get in there, how do you think a Texas oilman can get in there?" "Well," Andy said, "I have got to know, I've got to get an answer one way or another. Make the application." The application was made, they asked some questions, they wanted some additional information and data. Andy supplied it. In due time he got the permit. He went over there, brought the proper equipment, hired Israeli workers, got their clearance badges, security identity and all of that. They set up the rig and got ready to drill. Then the word went around the camp, everybody was excited, because the chief commander of the base was coming. Andy had not yet met him. And Andy thought, uh oh, we're going to get thrown out even now. The commander came up and he said, "Where is Andy SoRelle?" And Andy said, "I am he." He looked him over and he said, "I don't know what happened here, and I don't know why I gave you permission." Then he said, "You must be a prophet or something." He didn't come to change the plan. He just came to see who this fellow was that had this supernatural influence on him. (Whoever recorded this message turned the tape recorder off at this point.).

Prime Minister Golden Meir

Just inside the Dead Sea, through what is today Jordan, and coming up almost to the place where Ammon is located today, but on the edge of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea lying down below, Moses stood there with all the Israelites and looked over the Promised Land. Some of you've been there I'm sure. It's quite a scene. And Moses then told Joshua to take them in. When Moses came north he turned left and sent them in to the Promised Land. Golden Meir jokingly said, "He made a mistake. He turned left when he should've turned right. That would've taken them into the oil fields of Saudi Arabia." Andy said, "When this whole thing is over, and I can announce to the world that Israel probably has as much oil as the Arabs, probably, or at least a tremendous reservoir of very high-grade oil. I'm going to write a book and put all these miracles in the book and I'm going to call the book, Left was Right." I think that's a good title.

God Put the Oil Deeper in Israel

Now the question arises. Why did God put the oil so deep for Isaac and so shallow for Ishmael? Over in Saudi, Arabia, at 5,000 feet they get billions of gallons of oil. Why did God put it so deep in Israel? Andy has the answer and I'm sure he's right. If God had put the oil at the same depth in Israel that He put it for the Arabs, the descendants of Ishmael, today, humanly speaking, there would be no Israel. Do you think the British would have left if they had such a tremendous reservoir of oil? Of course not. When they left they said, "You can have it, it's worthless, those barren rocky hills. Fight it out, you Jews and Arabs, we're getting out of here," and they did.

Russia and Those Other Countries Are Going Into Israel

Now here we are close to the end of the age. God is fulfilling His prophecies and one of these days it will be world news. Israel is a very wealthy nation. They just discovered an enormous reservoir of oil, equal perhaps to what the Arabs have. A very high-grade oil. It is fascinating to contemplate, but that's not the end of the story. To get the end of it you'll have to read my message, "The Battle of Gog and Magog III". Because God says, "Russia is going to invade Israel to take a spoil (to loot)." We always wondered, what's that spoil? I don't wonder anymore. Andy talks about that and he says, "Now I know they're not going in to take cucumbers and tomatoes." Israel is producing plenty, but they're not going in to take that. But listen, if Israel has what Andy says, and he says, "I'm not wildcatting, I know it's there." He already tested it. Then God shut it off as if that's too soon. It's getting ahead of the timetable of God.

They Need 7 Years to Burn the Weapons of Those Armies Who Invade Israel

I cannot tell you when Russia is going to invade Israel. But I have done a lot of studying and a lot of thinking and a lot of prayer and a lot of meditating. And in the message, "The Battle of Gog and Magog I", it shows you they need seven years. When that carnage is all over God's going to wipe those armies out that come in. And in that message I'm going to tell you who's coming. I'll name them by countries. They're right there. When God wipes them out, Israel is going to win, and they're going to be buried in Israel. They will not take that spoil. But when it's all over they will need seven years to clean up the mess (weapons, etc...). Now, do some thinking here. I can't give you the scripture and verse, but just think about what we know about God and the way He operates. This earth is going to be in one awful mess with pollution and everything. Jesus is the Messiah, the Creator and it all came by His speaking the Word. Now don't tell me that when He comes to reign, He's going to say, "Well, the first thing you have to do is organize a lot of crews and get out here and clean up the mess." I don't think so. I think He's going to order it, by official decree. And the deserts will immediately burst into bloom like the rose. The pollution will be all cleared up. During the seven last plagues, at the end of that tribulation period, the oceans are going to become so poisonous that every living thing in the oceans will die and He will have to recreate the creatures of the sea. Putting it altogether I'm trying to tell you that I think when the Lord comes He will by decree clean up everything that hasn't already been cleaned up. Yet it says they're going to take seven years to clean it up (the weapons of war). So I'm saying that those seven years have to be before the Lord comes (Rev. 19: 11). Now that leaves seven years this side of the time when the Lord comes to reign that the battle has to take place. And that's just about the time we takeoff for heaven (Rev. 4: 1). There's a seven-year tribulation period. We need seven years to clean it up. That war, the Battle of Gog and Magog, has to take place just before that. We'll tell you more about that in my message, "The Battle of Gog and Magog", but I think it will follow this. I think this announcement (about the oil) will have to be made before Russia invades Israel. People say, Well now, Russia's all broken up, it isn't the Soviet Union anymore. Well, we'll tell you all about that in my message, "The Battle of Gog and Magog III".

I'm Asking the Question

But let me finish that story now. There's no question, the oil is there. The world does not know it. Ah, while I think about it, I'm not going to tell you this. Don't tell everybody I said this. People get shot for saying less. You can tell them, Nathan Meyer asked the question. If you think it, then it's your thought. You can give me credit for putting it there, but I didn't say it. Here's the oil in Israel 17,500 feet down to 21,400 feet and here's the oil in Saudi Arabia 5,000 feet. I wonder what's going to happen when they start taking that out? I didn't say it. You thought it. And might that have something to do with the countries that are coming in? It's a question to think about.

The Location of the Oil

But back to the prophecy of Moses now. Let's explain some of the things that we could not understand before. Deuteronomy 33: verse 16,

"...let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph..."

When you look at the way the tribes were divided in that land and you have the toe of Asher. Here's Haifa and the toe comes down to the River of the Crocodiles. Right on the other side there's a formation like this and that's the land that is dedicated to Joseph and his son. That's where it (the oil) is, right on the head of Joseph.

Mount Carmel

Now, continuing with verse 19,
"They shall call the people unto the mountain;..." (Deut. 33)

This is right next to the mountain known as Mount Carmel, vineyard of God. If you have been to Israel you know Haifa is on top of Mount Carmel which stretches away some 10 miles or so to the east and some 6 miles south. It's L shaped and this plain starts right below that. Carmel means vineyard. When I first went over there there were a lot of vineyards right at the base of Mount Carmel. It's vineyard and El is God in the Hebrew. Vineyard of God. The mountain here is Carmel.

Land and Sea

"...there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand." (Deut. 33: 19)

Andy Knows Israel Has a Lot of Oil

Andy read this, and when he discovered that oil he went right to the Israeli government and got the official papers drawn up to give him the exclusive right to drill for oil, 12,000 or more acres in the water because it said, in the seas, and 25,000 acres on the land. Now it makes sense to us, but how could it ever make sense to anybody who thought it was olive oil. Sucking treasure out of the sea. Sucking treasure out of the sand.

Oh, by the way, I should tell you, Asher's tribe did have a lot of olive trees, but that's only half the story. Some of these prophecies have multiple facets in their fulfillment. Now, let's go on with the other difficult part.

The Oil is in the Foot Where the Toe Is

Verse 24,
"...Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and let him dip his foot in oil." (Deut. 33)

Foot! Not up in the main part, but the foot. Starting with the heel to the toe. The foot, that's it, that's where it (the oil) is.

God's Word Can be Trusted

Isn't it fantastic? The more I study this Bible the more excited I get because God writes with precision that you can trust. Like we say, you can take it to the bank. That's why I make the positive statements that I do. Israel will never be driven out. The Devil would like to drop atomic bombs all over Israel and wipe them out. That won't happen. God says, "When they come back they will never again be driven out." (Read Ezekiel 36: 12, 15.). The Arabs have started five wars and they lose every one. They win if they're at the conference table when the United Nations is stupid enough, and the United States makes them give everything back as if they stole it from helpless people. That's not the way it is. People say, "Well, how can you say that it's fair when the Jews were off in Egypt and when they came up there, they went in and took that land?" Listen! That land belonged to them before they went to Egypt and they went off for awhile and they came back from their vacation of four hundred years. And they said, "Well you folks are living in my land and you didn't pay any rent. Now please vacate." If you had a house and you moved to California for a year or two and then came back and found somebody was living in it all the time and they would say, "Well, this is my house because I have been living here the last two years." You tell them, "Well, it was my house to begin with and you didn't pay me any rent so I'm just asking you to leave." Nothing unfair about that. People think I'm unkind to the Arabs. I'm not, I have some good Arab friends. They would be sitting here agreeing with everything that I'm saying. So don't think that Jews are unkind in demanding that land. God gave it to them, four thousand years ago, long before there were any Arabs or Palestinians in that land and there never was a state called Palestine. Understand that. So, these are things the Bible says and you can stand on them because God has never failed and He never will. And so when He makes these statements you can trust them. And here it says, "It will be in the foot of Asher." The oil is found. That's exactly where it (the oil) is.

They Use Brass and Iron When They Drill

And then verse 25 says,
"Thy shoes shall be iron..." (Deut. 33)

Now this is the thing that I said to Andy, "What in the world does that mean?" He said, "Oh, but not only iron, it says, '...iron and brass...' ". Then he told me what any oilman would know, but I didn't know it. He said, "You never put up an oil derrick made only out of steel. You would have sparks. So it's brass and iron, so there are no sparks." Well that makes sense, but I didn't know it. And where is it? It's the shoe. That's not down in the ground. That's on top. Andy says in due time there will be oil wells all over the foot of Asher and they will all be made of brass and iron.

Now isn't that fantastic? Moses said this three thousand five hundred years ago. Foot! Remember what I said to start with, there are some prophecies in the Bible that cannot be understood until the time comes for their fulfillment. And you and I are privileged above all people of all time to be alive in the greatest period of all history. We are ready to takeoff in the Rapture (Rev. 4: 1).

"In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,...we shall be changed." (I Cor. 15: 52)

"For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall [stand up] first:" (I Thes. 4: 16)

"Then we [who] are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." (I Thes. 4: 17)

Russia and Five Other Countries Will Invade Israel

When is that going to happen? Well, just about the time that the Russian bear invades Israel. And when is that going to happen? Well, seven years before the Lord comes to reign, and sometime soon. One or two more things here.

Verse 25,
"Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; and as thy days, so shall thy strength be."

Verse 27,
"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:..."

"The eternal God is the refuge, (Oh Israel),...and He (God) shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them." (Deut. 33: 27)

We'll see how God fulfills that when the enemy comes into take a spoil (to loot). I have told you part of the spoil. There is a whole lot more. The world does not yet know, but hopefully will know soon, the greatest archeological discovery of all time is about to be uncovered in the Jordan Valley.

The Meanings of the Names

One more thing before I close. Andy SoRelle knew that Hebrew names have meaning. So just on a hunch or was it the Lord's leading. Andy went to the Rabbi in his territory in Dallas, Texas, and said, "Would you check the descendants of Asher, the names, and write out the meaning in the Hebrew of each name and let's see if there is anything significant for us to learn." So the Rabbi agreed and in due time Andy went back to get the answer and the Rabbi was, I don't know what word to use, absolutely astounded. The list of the descendants of Asher written there in the Bible thousands of years ago, in the order in which they appear by God's divine recording, tell a story. A company will come together and drill a hole into the earth and oil will usher forth like a man vomiting. Isn't that fantastic? And think how good God has been to you, to let you be alive, without having anything to do with picking your birthday. You're alive to see these things come to a focal point.

Receive Jesus Today

Now if you're not ready to go you should be nervous by now. And that would be unfair and unkind, criminal, if we would dismiss this service and I didn't tell you how to get un-nervous.

"...whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved." (Rom. 10: 13)

"...if [you will] confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath (has) raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." (See Rom. 10: 10.). (Read also verse 9.).

There's a written guarantee from a God that cannot lie. Now if you turn it down, the penalty for refusing so great a salvation is to be thrown into the Lake of Eternal Fire prepared for, not you, but the Devil and his angels. But if you don't want to go where God wants to take you through the death of His Son there's no other choice He has, but to send you off with those who will inhabit the Lake of Fire. It's your choice. And you have to make the decision. And on that decision will rest your eternal destiny.

Saved by Faith in Christ

And don't ever get the idea that you can be saved by adding anything in the way of good works.

"...for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified." (Gal. 2: 16) (Read also Romans 3: 20, 28, 5: 6, 8 - 9, 12, 6: 23, Galatians 3: 11, Ephesians 2: 8 - 9.).

On the cross Jesus said, "...It is finished..." (John 19: 30).

You're saved only through faith in Him, but once you are saved, then you'll know how much He loves you. You'll want to please Him. You'll want to serve Him. We have a right to look for some fruit. I don't have a right to judge whether you're saved or lost, but I have a right to be a fruit inspector. If the fruit's rotten, then I have my suspicions about the tree. Think about that. One lady said, "Well, you're not saved just by faith. That can't be. You have to be saved by faith and have works." She said to me, "It's like in a boat you have two oars. If you want to go anywhere, you have to row with both hands, the one is faith and the other is works. She thought that's the way you're going to heaven. I thought a little bit, then the Lord gave me the answer. I said, "Lady, you must first get in the boat." We don't start in a boat. We're drowning. Then the Lord lifts us out and saves us through the blood of His Son. (Read Eph. 1: 7, I John 1: 7, 9.). You get in the boat. Yes, then we row with both oars, but that's not the way you get saved. You're saved alone, through faith in Him who died and shed His blood that you might be washed whiter than the snow and might have the guarantee of a home in heaven. Is there anybody who hasn't made their reservation? Do it now. What a sad thing it would be if you read this and then went out and one day stood before the Judge of the universe, which you certainly will do, and heard Him say, "Depart from Me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you.". (See Mat. 25: 41.). Now it's your decision. Ask Him to come into your heart and by faith receive Him as your Savior, and do it now.

Lord, we thank Thee for this time together in the Word. We pray You'll bless Andy, give him good health. May Your will be done. May Your timetable be such that he will sense when is the time to do that which You have laid upon his heart. May all Your prophecies come to pass exactly as You want them. We know they will. We just pray that each of us may fall in line. Help us to rejoice in the fact that we are here in this momentous period of history and that all these things are coming to pass. Then help us to witness by our words and by our deeds to those with whom we come in contact so that others may learn to love the Savior and desire to please Him, to serve Him, and to obey Him. God, we thank You for the privilege of being here. Bless everyone with Your divine presence, but, Lord, don't let anybody go unsaved. I pray it in Jesus' name, Amen.

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