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The Sign of Asher II

(This message was presented at the Snyder's Bible Chapel at Hedgesville, West Virginia, in June of 1996.).

People find they can do missionary work by taking the tapes of my messages and giving them to their neighbors and friends and they get people saved that way. Praise the Lord for tape recorders and praise the Lord for videos.

Some Prophecies Can't be Understood Yet

Now, will you open your Bibles please to the book of Deuteronomy? I have a message that is different from anything you have ever heard. Deuteronomy. I have trouble remembering the numbers. If you have that trouble just remember it's the second to the last chapter in this Book. Happens to be chapter 33. Now let me start by saying. Some prophecies in the Bible cannot be understood until the time comes for their fulfillment. Let me repeat that. Some prophecies in the Bible cannot be understood until the time comes for their fulfillment. Such a prophecy we have in this message that deals with finding oil in Israel. But let me start by reading the first verse of chapter 33. Thirty five hundred years ago Moses wrote this and it says, "And this is the blessing, wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death.".

Moses got all the children of Israel before him, 12 sons of Jacob, and he gave a prophecy to each one. And these are some of the things he said.

Verse 16,
"And for the precious things of the earth and fullness thereof, and for the good will of him that dwelt in the bush: let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top of the head of him that was separated from his brethren." (Deut. 33)

What in the world was Moses talking about, would come on the head of Joseph? In a little while I'll explain that.

There's no way you could understand that until you understand some of the other prophecies.

Now verse 19,
"They shall call the people unto the mountain (Mount Carmel); there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand."

What in the world was Moses talking about? Suck treasure out of the sand and suck treasure out of the sea. And then he comes over to verse 24 and here is our text for this message.

"And of Asher he said, Let Asher be blessed with children; let him be acceptable to his brethren, and (here it is) let him dip his foot in oil."

Olive Trees in Israel

Now, over the centuries the Rabbis who explain the Scriptures said, "Well, that refers to olive trees. Asher was going to have an orchard of olives trees, because to have a lot of olive trees was to be quite well-to-do." You see, the olive trees were very valuable. They first ate the olives, there's their grocery bill. They drank the olive oil. It doesn't make me thirsty, but my Arab guide on one occasion said, "When the olives are ripe we go out to the orchard. We get so many gallons of olive oil my children drink olive oil like your children drink orange juice." Now I don't happen to care for that myself, but it does make them healthy. So there was their doctor bill. In addition to that, they took the same oil and put it in their lamps and there was their electric bill. And then God made the olive trees to grow so long, so old, they get hundreds of years old. The oldest olive tree in Israel is approximately 4,000 years old. Now if you have been to Israel surely you have seen the one in the Garden of Gethsemane. They always show you that one, three thousand years old. But there is one up in Galilee that is said to be 4,000 years old, one tree. Now not all the olive trees grow that old, but most of them grow hundreds of years. So the Rabbi said, "Moses made a prophecy to Asher that was fantastic. Asher was going to be well off, and his descendants also because they would have a lot of olive trees." But when a Texas oilman read that verse it did not mean olive oil, it meant petroleum.

The Oil in the Foot of Asher Will Help Bring Those
Invading Armies Into the Land of Israel

And I have a story to tell you that's absolutely fascinating. Let me finish reading these verses and then I'll tell you the story. I want to read that one again, the last part of the verse. Speaking of Asher, Moses said, "...let him dip his foot in oil." (Deut. 33: 24). That's the big one.

And then he says,
"Thy shoes shall be iron and brass..." (Deut. 33: 25)

There was no way that anybody could understand that. And I could not understand it until recently when I talked to the Texas oilman that I'm talking about. Then I got an answer and I'll explain that in a little while.

It says, verse 27,
"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them."

There is an enemy coming into Israel. And in my next message that will be my text. And I'll tell you all about "The Battle of Gog and Magog" which is going to follow this discovery.

Verse 28,
"Israel then [will] dwell...[safely]...alone:..." (Deut. 33)

The Story About Andy SoRelle
Texas Oilman

Andy SoRelle, Texas oilman, was born into a wealthy family in Texas. They belong to the country club. They had all kinds of money. His father was in the oil business. Andy grew-up knowing nothing but oil as he says. He went to the university to study oil technology.

Andy Went in to the Service as a Fighter Pilot

Then second world war broke out. Andy was called into the service. He said he found himself a fighter pilot over in Europe. One dark night he got a command to go on what his Commanders thought was a suicide mission. It was a dense fog and the Germans were coming up in a column of heavy ammunition and one thing or another. Andy was told, "Take your squadron up into that fog and find those Germans and destroy that column." The Commanders thought they wouldn't make it, but it was worth a try. Andy said, "We found the Germans and we started to do what we were instructed to do." The Germans turned their anti-aircraft guns on them and they tried to get out of there. Andy said he went straight up into the fog to get out of their view. And a shell went through the left wing of his plane, and left him totally helpless as far as controlling the plane was concerned. He said there was nothing he could do that influenced the flight of the plane. It turned over and started to make a nosedive 300 miles an hour down. He tried to bail out, but because the left wing was damaged the thing started to spiral so fast that he said he could not get out. There he is heading straight down just a few minutes from absolute, certain, death. He knew it. No way could he control the plane. No way could he get out. So he was dead, he was sure. He blacked out. When he came to, his plane was back at the base where he had taken off and was going down the runway. Andy said, "That plane. I could not control it. That plane went right down the runway 150 miles an hour."

Field Full of Stumps

Then Andy said, "It suddenly dawned on me, I'm going to be killed the second time." He couldn't stop the plane going 150 miles an hour." He said, "I was going to overshoot the runway, and at the end of the runway there was a forest. The engineers had cut off the trees but left the stumps standing." And he was going to go scooting right into all those stumps at a 150 miles an hour. He was just sure now he was going to be killed. He didn't know how he got back. He knew he was there. When he got to the end of the runway, he saw there were no stumps. They had been there that very day and pulled out the stumps. There was nothing but a field of mud. His plane landed going down the runway 150 miles an hour and went shooting out over the mud, and came to a stop. And Andy said, "I sat there, not knowing if I was dead or alive." He thought he was alive, but he knew he had to be dead. Everything was deathly still until he heard the voices of his buddies come running up to the plane. They looked it over and then they congratulated him for being such a good pilot to bring it home when they saw it was helpless. Andy said, "I knew I had nothing to do with it." He was not saved, but he knew at that point there was a God, and God had brought him back and miraculously saved him from death for a purpose. He did not know what that purpose was. He said, "From then on I laughed at the Germans. I knew I was immune. They could not kill me."

After the War Andy and his Wife Took a Trip

When the war was over he went home and he decided to take a vacation with his wife. He said there were a number of countries they were going to visit in Europe. One of them was Russia. He always wanted to visit Russia so he decided they would take that trip. Now there was another country listed, but he was not interested in it, called Israel. He said, "I have seen pictures from people who were in Israel and it was nothing but sheep and goats and rocky hills." Now they have lots of that. He didn't see my pictures or he would have seen more than that, I'll tell you. But anyway, that was his impression of Israel. He said, "I was not interested in Israel, but it was part of the tour."

Andy at Israel

So in due time, he showed up in Israel along with the rest of the tour. Then he said, "The first thing that impressed me was that these people were working so hard to reclaim the waste lands and rebuild the cities. That's what the prophet said would happen, and they were having a difficult time financially. They had the highest tax rate in the world because they constantly built up their military arsenal so that they could defend themselves from the Arabs, who wanted to destroy them. There were the sons of Ishmael all around them, the Arabs, loaded with oil. He decided it wasn't fair for God to give Ishmael all the oil, and give Isaac none. He figured Isaac must have some too."

Andy Volunteered to Drill For Oil

Israel didn't have any oil, Andy had the knowledge how to find oil. He volunteered to the Israeli government to come over at his expense and find oil. For a little while they thought he was a crackpot and they didn't respond. Then he got angry. And he wrote them a nasty letter. He said, "I volunteered to come over there at my expense and find oil for you, and you aren't interested, so forget about it. I'm not going to do anything for Israel." That stirred up the Israeli government and they sent an official from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, over to Texas to check on this fellow Andy SoRelle and found out he was a legitimate oilman with the latest expertise and then they changed their attitude and said, "Please come on."

Andy Went to Israel to Check For Oil

Andy SoRelle went to Israel and by his own testimony he says he went up and down all over that country checking for oil and he found no oil. He finally decided Israel has no oil. Then he went down into the Sinai. At that point Israel had possession of the Sinai. Quickly he found oil in two places. He started to make preparations to drill two wells and then he was told by the Israeli government to forget it. President Carter, Sadat, leader of Egypt, and Prime Minister Begin of Israel were meeting and the three of them were deciding that Israel had to give back the Sinai to Egypt. So they told Andy, "Don't drill any wells in the Sinai." So Andy went home. He dismissed the whole thing and said, "Israel has no oil." Then a Christian friend said, "Did you ever read the prophecy in the book of Deuteronomy, 'Asher will dip his foot in oil?' " (33: 24) "No!" He had never heard of that. He quickly looked at it. Then he got excited. As I say, he didn't have one thought about olive oil. He was a Texas oilman, and oil meant petroleum.

Andy Never Checked This Area

So he quickly got a map to see where Asher's tribe was and then he saw it came down like a leg along the coast of Lebanon. Then you have this formation at Haifa which makes a natural harbor but that made the heel. Then it came down along the coast and went back up. That was the foot. And it said, "In the foot of Asher," that's the Plain of Sharon, just south of Haifa. And the southern tip where the toe was there is a wadi that's called the River of the Crocodiles. It's 15 or 20 miles long. If you have been to Israel you certainly have gone up to the Plain of Sharon, but nobody told you that you were at the foot of Asher. But Andy looked at that (Scripture), and then looked at his map and realized that while he went all over Israel he didn't check the Plain of Sharon, an area of maybe 15 or 20 miles.

Andy Went Back to Israel to Check For Oil in That Area

So he hurried back to Israel with his equipment. When he landed it was raining hard. With his equipment he sends radiation down into the ground and he can tell immediately what's down there. His equipment does not work when the ground is wet. He should have, according to what he had experienced, waited at the hotel until the rain stopped and until the ground was dried out and then go out. But he had nothing else to do so he rented a car and he went up there to the River of the Crocodiles. Andy said, "When I crossed the River of the Crocodiles, almost to the foot. I struck a tremendous reservoir of oil." He got excited. He sent a telex back to his office and they said there's a mistake somewhere because that equipment does not work when the ground is wet. But it worked there. Just one of many miracles, many. I'll tell you a few of them. There are a whole lot more.

Andy Made Plans to Drill For Oil

Andy then proceeded to start to make plans to drill. He had an Israeli lawyer, and he said to the lawyer that I should drill the first well on the Secret Naval Base. Now on the coast of Sharon, if you were a tourist you didn't hear anything about it, there's a peninsula that extends out (in the water) and the Israeli government has a very secret naval base. And Andy said to his Israeli lawyer, "I want you to get permission for me to drill on that secret naval base." And the lawyer laughed. He said, "Even Prime Minister Begin can't get in there. How do you think a man from Texas could get in?" Andy said, "At least get a no, but make the request. I have to know where the Lord is leading me. But I think He is, and that's where I ought to drill." So, the Israeli lawyer made the application and in due time, he got his yes. And Andy went over there. He hired a crew of Israeli workers. He got them clearance. He got their security badges so they could go on the secret naval base. He got the equipment and they were setting it up when the word came around the rig that the Commander of the naval base was coming. And Andy thought, "Aha, we're going to get thrown out even now." The Commander came up and he said, "Where is Andy SoRelle?" Andy said, "I am he." He looked him over and he said, "I don't know what happened here. I don't know why I gave you permission." Then he said, "You must be a prophet or something." He didn't come to change the plans, he just came to see who this fellow was who had this supernatural influence on him.

Andy Was Saved Through the Witness of That Maid

I should have told you, in the meantime Andy had been saved. That's a very important thing. That's quite a story too and I don't have time to tell you all of that, but it happened through a maid. I have to tell you. One day Andy's wife said, "I'm going today to meet a maid that I have hired." And when she came back Andy said, "Did you get your maid?" She said, "Yes, I hired her, but something strange happened. The maid looked at me and said, 'I knew that you were coming again and you were going to hire me because the Lord told me.' " Andy said, "Yea, that's strange." Now he's not saved at that point. The maid came and one day Andy came into the kitchen and she was lying on the floor on her face crying out to God and saying, "God save Andy." And he said he knew that he needed to be saved, but that angered him. He didn't like that. He told his wife to fire the maid. His wife didn't do it fortunately. And he's so thankful now that she didn't. And then he said, "One morning the maid prepared his breakfast, and he had the newspaper in one hand. He was eating his breakfast trying to hurry through and get off in the office and that little maid crept up in back of him and put her hands right on his shoulders and squeezed real hard. She began to shake and cried out, "God save Andy." And Andy didn't like that at all. He knew he needed to be saved, but he didn't like it. He said that maid had a strange influence on him that he couldn't understand. She never told him to quit smoking, but he began to feel guilty whenever he'd light up in her presence and he said, "I would sneak away from her so she wouldn't know I was smoking." And then she never said anything to him about his drinking, but he began to feel guilty so he would always slip in a closet somewhere and take a drink. To make a long story short, through that little maid Andy got saved. And Andy said, "She'll have a home as long as she lives."

Andy Drilling For Oil in Israel

Well, in the meantime now, Andy made this preparation for drilling, He's saved now, and he knows that that's God's land. He wants to do this. They made the preparation for drilling. As he looks back he says, "I think God prompted me to go to the Secret Naval Base because that way the Arabs could not send any terrorist to blow up the well." Nobody could get in there except for the people who had the clearance badges and those were his workers. So it was a safety precaution, that God saw ahead of time which Andy didn't think about at the time, but thought about later.

Andy says he knew that it (the oil) was very deep, down below 17,000 feet. That puzzled him because over in Saudi Arabia for Ishmael God put the oil at 5,000 feet, and they were getting billions of barrels. But they started to drill and then he decided if the well is that deep, he ought to have one of the five best deep well oilmen in the world working with him. He knew who that was and he was a Christian, Vic Lambert. He made telephone calls to various parts of the world until he located Vic Lambert and talked him into flying into Israel and lending his expertise. The first thing that Vic Lambert did when he arrived was to tell all the fellows to stop the drill, stop the rig, and gather around the rig. Then he got down under and got hold of the shaft and he prayed and dedicated the well to the Lord. The unbelieving Israeli workers standing around laughed and joshed and poked each other, and had a lot of fun about this old man who was praying. The time came when they changed their whole attitude. At 5,000 feet they struck oil. Andy said if it would have been in Texas we would have stopped and started pumping the oil. But it was small there and he wanted the big one so they went right through that and went right down, and at 17,500 feet they struck oil. Now he said they had a lot of trouble along the way. Anytime they had trouble and couldn't solve it, they would stop everything, have all the workers stand around the rig in a circle and either he or Vic Lambert would pray. They would go back to work and they would solve the problem. It got to the point where the unbelieving Israeli workers would say, "Well, it's time to have a prayer meeting." They would form a circle around the rig. Before I forget it, let me tell you that at this point quite a few of those workers had been saved. They accepted, because of Andy's witness, Jesus as their Messiah and through Andy's wife some of their wives had also become believers. And Andy has talked to a number of Rabbis. He thinks before this whole thing is over there will be a lot of Rabbis who will accept Jesus as their Messiah because of the testimony that this will have, from this prophecy and seeing the results.

Hit a Tremendous Pool of Oil at 17,500 Feet

Well, Andy said, "There are so many troubles along the way, if they would have been in Texas they would have quit and gone somewhere else." But he said, "This is the Lord's well." So they would solve their problem and eventually they would get going and at 17,500 feet they hit the big one. He said they got a sample of the oil. It was very high-grade oil. He knew from his scientific exploration and from what he had struck that it was a tremendous well. But he wanted to know how deep it really was so he kept on drilling and he drilled what is today the deepest oil well in the Middle East, 21,400 feet. But it was as if God said, "Now Andy you're getting ahead of schedule here." The casing jammed way down there in the earth, nearly 4 miles. I've seen them drill for water wells, they drill out a well a hundred, hundred and fifty feet, but I can't imagine how it is to go down 4 miles into the earth and know what they're doing. Andy said, "We worked for days and days losing $20,000 a day and we could not straighten out the casing. We had to abandon the oil well and come home."

The Miracles in Raising the Money to Drill This Well

Now, I was trying to save time and skip some stories here and I can't do it. I have to go back and tell you how he raised the money for that well. That was another fantastic, unbelievable miracle. These things happened. Andy isn't lying. Andy said when he wanted to raise the money to go over to drill this well, he knew that he could not contact the big oil companies to get them to participate because they all had tremendous investments in the Arab countries. If they would have started getting interested in Israel the Arabs would have confiscated all that property. That involves billions of dollars worth of property. So Exxon and Texaco and the big oil companies were out. He couldn't talk to them. So they found three small oil companies and talked to them. They were not involved in Israel. He asked them if they would like to participate in this well. And they said, "Yes, we would." But time passed and he didn't hear anything more and one day he called them and he said, "Now we have a deadline. We put up $100,000 to the state of Israel guaranteeing we're going to drill this well and a certain date is the deadline and we have got to know." They said, "We will let you know." He didn't hear anything till the morning of that last day, the deadline. Then the telephone rang. And one of the oil companies was on the line and said, "Sorry, we can't do it." A little bit later the telephone rang again. The second oil company said, "Sorry, we can't participate." Telephone rang the third time and the third company said, "We can't either." Andy's partner, who was very depressed, said to Andy, "Well, that's it. This is the deadline, this is the last day, we cannot raise it. That's all there is to it. We might as well call the Israeli government and tell them we have to forfeit the 100,000 dollars. We cannot raise the money today." And Andy said, "Wait a minute, not so fast. The Bible says, 'Where two agree, I will do it.' " (See Matt. 18: 19.). Andy said to his partner, "Now I'm going to pray and I want you to agree with me. Even if you don't believe what I'm doing, agree with me." Those were his words. Andy prayed something like this, "Lord, this is Your well. That's Your country. If You want us to drill, You have got to come up with the money because we cannot do it. Today is the deadline." Shortly after he ended his prayer the telephone rang. The man on the other end of the line said, "You don't know me, but I know you. I know what you're trying to do. How much money are you trying to raise?" Andy said, "Twelve million." And the man said, "My name is Cohen." That's a special name. That's not only Jewish, but that's the priestly line.

I said to the Jews over there in Israel, who are getting ready to build their temple, "How are you going to know who the priests are?" They said, "That's no problem, we go by the name." Anybody who's got the name Cohen or Levi. That's a couple of the names. They're all descendants of the priestly line and they have their priests all set up ready to go.

Well, getting back to Mr. Cohen. He said, "All right. I would like to have so much percentage in the well. Can I have it?" And Andy said, "Yes." He said, "I'll put a check in the mail today for a hundred and fifty thousand to seal the bargain." Andy was going to try to stop him and say, "But now wait a minute, because I don't have any money yet", but the man wouldn't let him talk. He said, "No, don't try to talk me out of it. I've been thinking about this for a long time I'm going to get it off my chest. I'll put a check in the mail today for a $150,000." When Andy tells the story he stops and says, "Even the Gentiles don't do business like that." You know, send out a $150,000 without any contract or anything. But the man sent $150,000. He said he wanted so much percentage. A little bit later the telephone rang again and another man said, "I'm a real-estate man here in Texas. I made a lot of money and I hear what you're trying to do. How much money are you trying to raise?" And Andy told him. He said, "Well I'd like to have so much of a percentage of it." And he said, "I have some wealthy friends, could they get in on it too?" To make a long story short before that day was over Andy had his 12 million. No way you can explain that except as a miracle of God. The whole story is a series of miracles. I have tapes from Andy that go about 3 hours. He just tells so many stories, and anyway, back to the well now.

The Three Damaged Bits

At one point, they were way down there, and just had that whole shaft out. Maybe some fellows know something about the oil business, I don't. I have seen them with a well go down 100 feet or 200 feet for water, but if they go down 21,000 feet, I don't know how many times they have to put pieces together to make that thing go down. They had the whole thing out and put new bits on the bottom. Andy said, "There are 3 bits," and that thing rotates and it cuts through solid rock or anything else. But they had put 3 new bits on there. They put it altogether and lowered the thing, and started the rig running. And Vic Lambert said to the crew, "I'm all dirty. I'm tired, I'm going to go back to the hotel, take a bath and have a rest and I'll be back later." He started towards the gate. Vic Lambert said, "I didn't hear a voice, but I just knew that God was talking to me. And as I approached the gate, it came so strong I had to turn around." He got the feeling that there was something wrong back there and they needed to stop the rig and pull it back out. He got the message. The first bit has three teeth broken, the second one is ready to fall off, and the third one something else. I have forgotten what he said. He tried to tell himself it was just his imagination, but he couldn't go through the gate. He turned around, went back to the well, and told the crew, "Stop the rig." And they were stunned, wondering what was going on now because they had just spent all those days putting that thing together and getting it started and Vic said, "Pull it out." Those fellows did some swearing. They were unhappy about the whole thing, but Vic was the boss. Before they got it out Vic said to them, "There's three bits down there as you know and the first bit has three teeth broken and the second one is ready to fall off and the third one has this condition" and they laughed. When they pulled it out they didn't laugh anymore, because that's exactly what the condition was. And those fellows all said what the Commander of the naval base said, "This man is a prophet or something."

God Put the Oil Deeper in Israel

Andy says, "When I think about why God put it so deep for Isaac and so shallow for Ishmael I come to the conclusion that He knew what He was doing and He did it on purpose. Otherwise, there would be no state of Israel today." Think about it. I told you in the message about Israel that the British government, whose army had freed that land from the Turks, was given instructions by the United Nations to make this a homeland for the Jews, but when the conflict arose the Arabs didn't want them to come in and there was a lot of fighting between them. The British were in the middle of this thing and they thought that this is a worthless land anyway and we're getting out. Now, if they had known that there was a tremendous reservoir of very high-grade oil they would not have left. There would not have been a state of Israel. So I have to agree with Andy. When God put the oil so deep, He did it so that they would not find it until the British had left. So Andy said, "We had to abandon the well and come home."

And I said, "Well, what happened to those fellows who put in all that money like Cohen and the other guys. Did they lose their money?" And Andy said, "No." He said 12 million is just a drop in the bucket when you're drilling for oil. I wouldn't have any experience with that, but it sounds good anyway. I was glad they didn't lose their money.

Andy Wants to Drill Another Well

Well, Andy came home and he raised ten million more to go back and drill again. And he's been trying to go back now for several years. I call him every so often. He would say, "Well, I think I'm going to be able to go in a couple of weeks and get started again. But we're not going on the naval base." He said, "I'm not wildcatting anymore. I know where the oil is. It's just a matter now of going over and drilling." He said, "When we bring the oil up, within a day we'll have it in the pipeline going to the refineries."

Two Refineries in Israel

Now this is another miracle of God. There's a pipeline going right through the Plain of Sharon to Ashdod, a newly built, ultramodern city the Jews have built. This is an old city of the Philistines, now a beautiful new big city, and they have a beautiful modern man-made harbor, a tremendous harbor. They hauled rocks as big as a truck out there and made a reef. You come in at one point off the beautiful harbor. There they built a refinery. There's a refinery at Haifa. If you been to Israel and went through the industrial area you saw those big stacks. Some of the tourists say, "Aha, there's a big atomic energy plant." No, they have one, but they don't let you see it. It's out in the desert. It's not here, that's not the atomic energy plant. That is a British oil refinery. When the British had it, they made an agreement with the Arabs who didn't have any reservation in selling to the British. They put a pipeline through the desert from the Arab countries to Haifa and the British got the oil and refined it there. The British left and it became Israel's, run by the Jews. Then the Arabs cut it off and wouldn't send any oil. So they have two refineries waiting for oil with a pipeline connecting them and Andy is drilling his well right by the pipeline. Within 24 hours, he said, after we hit oil, it will be in the pipeline on the way to the refinery. Now you have to admit that's nothing less than a miracle.

So Many Problems in Trying to go Back

But once again Andy had so much trouble, one thing after another and he could not go. He would say, "I think I am going in a few weeks." And I'll say, "I'll be over there in a month or two with a group." And Andy said, "Call me at my hotel. Here's the number." And he said, "I'll come and talk to the group. You can come out to the well and so forth." And we were just sure when we would get there that there would be oil flowing. I'd get in there and call the hotel and they would say, "No, there's no Andy SoRelle here." This would happen time after time after time. There are so many things that involve the miraculous here.

Prime Minister Golda Meir of Israel

And I have to tell you this story. Andy says that Golda Meir used to jokingly say that Moses made a mistake. He came up from the south on the eastern side of the Dead Sea and stood up there on the mountains of Moab and looked over into the Promised Land. And he couldn't go in because he lost his temper and struck the rock when he was supposed to talk to it. So he walked to his funeral and God buried him, the Bible says. Moses instructed Joshua to take them in. Now they came from the south, coming north, and Golda Meir said, "Moses looked to the left and sent them in and he made a mistake, he should have looked the other way and sent them that way." See, she had in mind that the oil was over there. Moses should have gone for the oil. Golda Meir said, "Moses turned left when he should have turned right." Jokingly, of course, Andy says, "When I write my book when this all is finished, I'm going to put all the miracles in it and I'm going to call the book, Left was Right." He thinks that reservoir down there is big enough that the Jews will have as much oil as the Arabs. And very high-grade oil.

I'm Asking a Question

Now, I'm not telling you, I'm asking you. And don't misquote me and say, Nathan Meyer said. I'm asking you. What do you think will happen to the oil that's at 5,000 feet, when over here it's at 21,000 feet and they start taking that out?

What do you think will happen to the Arabs over there when they find out the oil is going down? I didn't read this any place and I'm not telling you that's going to happen. I'm no oilman. I don't know. I'm just asking the question.

There Will be a War in Israel Soon

I know one thing, there's going to be a war in Israel before long when the world finds out what I'm telling you. And they will find it out before very long. And Andy says, "Israel is soon going to be a wealthy nation." And I said, "I can't understand why that Israeli government isn't hounding you day and night and saying, "Get over here and let's get on with that drilling." Then he says, "You've got to understand the Israeli government. They don't operate that way." I have to agree. What they do does not make sense to me. They have done some mighty strange and foolish things. They are very difficult to get along with. Stiff-necked and rebellious, the Bible calls them. Now don't think I'm anti-Jewish, I'm not.

The Jews Don't Get Along With Each Other

A dear dear friend (Toni) was my guide for many years. If he were sitting here I would be saying everything that I'm saying. I tell it to my groups in the bus as we're driving along and he's sitting there and he would take the mike and say, "Well, you know here in Israel we have a saying, Where there are two Jews there are three opinions." What he doesn't tell them is, that they get so angry with each other they start shouting and the next thing they start using their fists. The Jewish Parliament, the Knesset, has 120 members. Not long ago they got so angry with each other they got up and started hitting each other. They called the police in and took some of them out. If anybody disagreed with somebody else they would start their own party so they ended up with 22 parties. Maybe they only have a few people in one party. They would get one or two people in Parliament who's a member of that party. The whole thing is one conglomerate mess. So that's the government we're dealing with. It doesn't work the way I think you know. I think the government should be hounding him saying, "Get that oil so we can be wealthy." Andy says, "You got to understand the Israeli government and nobody understands the Israeli government."

These Countries Will Come Against Israel

So anyway, here we are now, ready to announce to the world that Israel has perhaps, (Andy didn't say this positively, but he says he thinks,) that Isaac has as much oil as Ishmael. And it's all in one big deep well. And it's connected with two refineries to two very modem harbors. When the world finds out about that, the Bible says there is a country to the north, and the leader is the chief ruler of Meshech. That today is Moscow. We call it Russia. Along with Libya, this was written 2,500 years ago. And you all know where Libya is and Khadafi is the crazy fellow that runs that thing. Reagan scared the pants off of him when he dropped a bomb at his tent door (house or headquarters and he's cut out his terrorist activities for awhile. And then there's Ethiopia. And for a long time I thought that Ethiopia couldn't be involved because they had a Christian Emperor Haile Selassie. I talked to a missionary from Ethiopia who said, "Yes, Haile Selassie, is a born again Christian Emperor." But then I watched the news and watched the Communist come over. They got rid of Haile Selassie and they took over the country and they mined it completely. And Germany. Germany was the country that murdered so many Jews under Hitler and there are many skinheads there that are still very anti-Jewish. Then there is Togannah, that's Turkey. And there's Persia, that's Iran. Iran hates Israel with a vengeance and is probably getting ready now for the atomic bomb. She has bought stuff from Russia. There are those that tell me that she has the atomic bomb and she is going to get ready to make war with Israel. And let's see, I guess, I have them all. In my next message we're going to go to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and we're going to tell you the war that's going to happen and now you know why it's going to happen. At least part of it. But I have a whole lot more to tell you in that message. In that passage where it says, "The Battle of Gog and Magog" takes place. Russia's the leader. It says they're going in to take a spoil (to loot). We were always told that's the wealth out of the Dead Sea. That's the fertilizer, and it never made sense to me that they're going to start a war to get the fertilizer which is difficult to get out in the first place. But there is all this high-grade oil, while Russia's oil wells are in a state of disrepair. The pipes have all corroded and they don't have the money to replace them. More likely that's what she's going in to take.

Russia's Still Building Military Equipment

Do you realize they have never stopped building their atomic submarines? Everybody thinks the war with the communists is over. It's not true. They have fooled America completely. They have never stopped the schedule where they turned out atomic submarines every so often. They have the same schedule they had before. The Communists supposedly made peace with America. They get money from us so that they can build up their economy. And what are they doing? They're spending it to build those submarines.

They're Coming in to Take the Oil

Well, I'm telling you, Russia's going to invade Israel along with those other countries and in my message "The Battle of Gog and Magog III", I'm going to tell you, I think, the oil will be one of those spoils they're going to take, but there's something else that is unbelievable.

If you want homework to do in the meantime, read chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel. And we're going to talk about "The Battle of Gog and Magog". One of the signs of the end of the Age is the fact that all these things are coming to a head. We're finally going to get a reason for "The Battle of Gog and Magog". And that has to take place because they need seven years to burn the weapons. That I think will put it seven years before the millennium. And that will be just about the time we takeoff for heaven. Therefore, I am trying to tell you, you better get ready. We're not going to be around much longer. We are leaving (in the Rapture).

Receive Jesus Now Because you May Not Have a Second Chance

Are you ready? That's the question. If you're not, you just ought to be real scared because when that trumpet sounds, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, we'll be gone and you'll be left behind. (Read I Cor. 15: 51 - 54.). Then I think you will not have another opportunity. There will be a vast group saved during the tribulation. Now I think it will be people who never heard. I hope I'm wrong. I hope God gives people a second chance, but I can show you verses in the Bible that indicate that's not the way it works. So I'm of the opinion that a vast group will be saved during the tribulation. Not the Church, they are the tribulation martyrs. They arrive in heaven after we have been there for some time. We have sung in the choir. We have played in the orchestra. The Coronation is well on the way. Jesus has broken six seals and He's ready for the seventh one and at that point a vast multitude shows up and the question goes around in the heavenly realm. Who are all these people? And where did they come from? And John says, "I don't know, but you know," and he gets the answer. "These are they which came out of tribulation, the great one, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb." They were killed by the Antichrist. They are the tribulation martyrs. (See Rev. 7: 9 - 17.).

Well, all these things now are coming to a head. Everything is coming up fast. And I'm not sure if we're going to be here when Russia invades Israel, but it's very possible. Very possible. If we are here and Russia invades Israel that's a sure sign you better get ready to takeoff real soon. And yet on the other hand you might go (up in the Rapture) just before Russia invades Israel. Sometime close to the Rapture that's going to take place. Now everything is coming into place, ready to go, and you just better be ready to takeoff (go up in the Rapture). And it would be criminal now to close the service without my telling you how you can get your reservation in.

God's Word is True; There is a Hell

The Bible says,
"...whosoever will, let him... ...come." (See Rev. 22: 17.).

Would you like to go to heaven or would you rather go to hell? You say, "Ah, I think there is no hell." God doesn't ask you what you think. He tells you there is! And one day when you close your eyes in death you will know, but then it's too late. Then it's too late. What a sad thing if somebody heard my voice and listened to all this and ignored it and said, "I think." Doesn't matter a hill of beans what you think. It only matters what God says. And you have got to call Jesus a liar if you say there is no hell because He said,

"These shall go away into everlasting punishment, everlasting fire, there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." (See Matt. 8: 12, 13: 42, 25: 30, 41, 46.).

The same adjectives are used to describe the length of hell as are used to describe the length of heaven. And there's absolutely no way that you can get away when you read the Bible from believing that God says there is a hell.

You're Not Lost Because of your Adamic Nature

Now some people say, "Well, that's not fair because I was born with an Adamic nature. I had a sinful nature to start with." Let me tell you nobody is going to go to hell because they had a sinful nature. Sure, you have a sinful nature, but innocent children are not going to hell. God is no tyrant. He's not going to throw innocent children into hell. There's only one good thing about killing all these babies if I may say it that way. Please don't misunderstand me. I don't think abortion is a good thing, but if there's a bright side it's the fact that all those babies will be in heaven. In Jeremiah 19 God calls them innocent. And David said of his infant son that had died, "He will not come to me, but I will go to him." (II Sam. 12: 23). Where do you think David was going? He was a man after God's own heart (I Sam. 13: 13 - 14). He went to heaven you can be sure. And that's where the baby is. So I'm telling you all the children are going to heaven. They have a sinful nature. And when Jesus died on the cross He automatically paid the price for the sinful nature. Therefore, children are not held accountable. But when an individual becomes old enough to know right from wrong then the sin is held accountable to him. And then he has to come and ask Jesus to forgive him. And the people who go to hell will be there because they rejected Christ as Savior.

Everybody is Without Excuse

But then you're going to say like one lady said to me the other day, "How do you explain to somebody how it's fair for God to throw people into hell who never heard?" And I said, "Read the first chapter of Romans. Paul says it there. Everybody, whether he heard anything or not, can see the things that God made. Look at the trees. And you know, no man can make a tree. Look at all of nature, look at all of creation and you know it says everybody knows two things about God just by looking at what is made-His eternal power and His Godhead. Everybody! The heathen in darkest Africa know two things about the Creator-His eternal Godhead and His eternal power." Then Paul says, "Knowing that, they nevertheless turn around and make idols with their hands and worship the idols that they made therefore they are without excuse." (See Rom. 1: 18 - 20, 21 - 24, 25, 10: 9 - 11, 13 - 14, 17, Col. 2: 9.).

Seek God With All your Heart

(If a person seeks God with all his heart God will save that person just like He saved Abraham.). It is my belief that if a person lives up to what light God gives him, He will supernaturally, if necessary, see to it that that individual hears the gospel concerning Christ so he can be saved. And I can tell you stories about that. I don't have time to do that.

But, if an individual receives Christ as Savior, then God says, "All his sin has been laid on Christ and therefore that individual is declared just as if he had never sinned." We call it justification. (Read Rom. 4: 24 - 25, 5: 6, 8 - 9, 8: 1, 30.). And God promises to take our sin and remove them as far as the east is from the west (Ps. 103: 12). And those are two points that can never be reached. No matter how far you go to the east, there's always east ahead of you. No matter how far you go to the west, there's always west ahead of you. So you can never reach it. That's how far God removes our sins from us (Isa. 43: 25). He buries them in the deepest sea and He promises to remember them against us no more. And that ought to be enough to say, "Praise the Lord (PTL)." When He gives you the assurance that Christ is coming, He's written your name in the Lamb's book of life (Rev. 20: 5). You should be able to sleep at night no matter what happens because you know your name is written in heaven. Now if there's somebody here who hasn't yet got his reservation in, I'm telling you, the throne room is open. And God doesn't go to bed (Ps. 121: 4). You can ask Him any time, but don't put it off because you don't know how many more minutes you have. Everyday there are thousands of people ushered into eternity who expected to have more time. And none of us knows whether we'll be alive five minutes from now. So if you haven't yet asked the Lord (Jesus) to save you, ask Him now. If you have, then don't keep on begging Him because you're just making a fool of Him.

Believe What the Bible Says

He says,
"...if [you] confess with [your] mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe with [your] heart that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." (See Rom. 10: 9.).

So, some people are begging all the time, year after year, for God to save them. That's like standing at the door and rapping, and the person comes to the door and says, "Come in," and you just stand there and keep rapping. That's not the way to do it. And Jesus says He'll save you, and you ask Him, then say, "Thank you." and believe Him. And then act upon it and start doing what He directs. And do it willingly for Him. (Read Rev. 3: 20.).

An Invitation For you to Receive Jesus

But once again let me say now. If there's anybody here who hasn't accepted Christ, do it now. We're going to close the service and you may never have another chance. Do it now. Then don't fail to take the opportunity to make it public by walking down the aisle. You are not saved by walking down the aisle. You're only saved by accepting Christ, but if you really mean it then you'll not be ashamed to declare publicly what you're doing because Jesus said, "If you confess Me before men, I'll confess you before My Father. If you deny Me before men, I will deny you before My Father." (See Matt. 10: 32 - 33, John 1: 11 - 12.). So I hope that's very plain. Those of you who have accepted Christ, I assume that most of you have, well just thank Him that through His mercy and His grace you were in the right place at the right time when the Holy Spirit worked on you so that you could do it (accept Jesus as your Savior), it was not of yourself (Eph. 2: 8). You might have been born in heathen Africa somewhere or off in Timbuktu and have never heard. So praise the Lord and thank Him. And worship and adore Him for He alone is worth it. (Read John 1: 11 - 12, 3: 3, 16, 36, 5: 24, Acts 2: 21, Romans 5: 12, 6: 23, II Corinthians 6: 2, Galatians 4: 6, Ephesians 3: 17, I John 1: 7, 9, 5: 7, 10 - 13, Revelation 1: 5, 6, 20: 13 - 14, 22: 17. See also Romans 10: 9 - 11, 13.).

God, we thank Thee for the privilege of being here tonight. We thank Thee for everyone who's here. For the rapt attention and now Lord we pray that the Holy Spirit may finish in every heart the message and deliver the purpose for which the message was delivered. And Lord, help us each one as believers to worship and adore You and express our love and adoration and praise. Then help us to be so in tune to the Holy Spirit that we can be used of You to bring glory to Your name. And Lord, for those who are not yet saved, give them no peace, no rest. Cause them to toss on their pillows without sleep because "There is no peace (rest), said my God, to the wicked." Lord, I pray for the wicked. Lord, I pray that if there's anyone who hasn't yet accepted Christ, that right now may be the moment when they stop everything, and pray the sinner's prayer, and acknowledge their own sinful lost condition, and invite the Savior, who alone can save, to come into their hearts, receiving Him (Jesus) by faith. So Lord, we do express our love and adoration and praise. We worship and adore You. We pray it in Jesus' wonderful name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 48: 22 and 57: 21.).

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